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Vedic Science and Modern Science 

Knowledge and Technology for the Practical Benefit of Everyone, Everywhere 

Inauguration March 1, Nepal Pragya Bhawan • Seminar March 2-3, Rastriya Sabhagriha • Kathmandu, Nepal

Conference Theme

Vedic Science and Modern Science together can re-establish life in harmony with Natural Law thereby creating a Vedic civilization where peace, progress, and prosperity belong to all the people.

Conference Speakers

Vedic Scholars and renowned Scientists from around the world will illuminate how Vedic Technologies can be applied for the benefit of human life on the basis of scientific reality.

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Conference Inauguration

Inauguration session to be held on March 1 at Nepal Pragya Bhawan. March 1 presentations are open to the public. The conference will begin promptly at 10:00am. Please arrive on time. March 2-3 Seminars (for conference registrants) will be held at Rastriya Sabhagriha, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Conference Purpose

This international conference will examine, based on recent discoveries in Modern Science, how the Vedic principles of life can be identified and applied in every area of society for the benefit of humanity and our planet. 

Chief Guest

The Right Honourable Bidhya Devi Bhandari

President of Nepal

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Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR

Head of the International Transcendental Meditation Organizations

Keynote Address by Videoconference

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Conference Moderator

Deepak Prakash Baskota

Chairman of Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation

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Speakers from India

His Holiness Swami Govindadev Giri ji Maharaj

Founder & President Maharishi Vedvyas Pratishthan, India


Swami Nirmalanand Nath ji

Head of Adichunchanagiri Math

Swami Bramadeo

President of the Foundation for Vedic India (FFVI) in India, and Vice Chancellor of Maharishi Vedic University of Trinidad

Watch Speech

Shwetambari Jondhale

Director and committee member of  Vaishalitai Jondhale Educational Group, Mumbai

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Speakers from Nepal

Prof Dr Rhishiram Pokhrel


Importance of Veda in the World Today

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Tilak Prasad Luitel

Acharya, Sanskrit Literature

Importance & Contribution of Nepal in Vedic Tradition

Watch Speech 

Prof Dr Jagman Gurung


Importance & Contribution of Nepal in Vedic Tradition

Watch Speech

Prof Dr Vidyanath Koirala

Education Consultant

Importance of Gurukul Education in Modern Days

Watch Speech

Vidushi Kanta Bhattarai

Social Worker

Contribution of Eastern Culture for Promotion of  Sanskrit Literature 

Watch Speech

Prof Dr Krishna Chandra Sharma

Faculty Member at Tribhuvan University (TU)

Impact of Eastern Vedic Values in Western Society 

Watch Speech

Dr Rishi Ram Koirala

M.D. Ayurveda Physician and Medical Director, Ayurveda Health Home (AHH). 

The Power of Ayurveda

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International Speakers

Ashley Deans, PhD

Executive Director for the Global Union of Scientists for Peace

Maharishi University of Management—A Model of Modern Vedic Living in the Heart of America

Watch Speech

Yukio Hatoyama, PhD

Former Prime Minister of Japan

Address by Videoconference

John Hagelin, PhD

Quantum Physicist

Scientific Revival of Vedic Wisdom—A Renaissance for our Modern Age

Watch Speech

Dr Neil Paterson

Secretary-General, Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation

Vedic Administration to Create an Ideal Society

Watch Speech

Dr Jose Luis Alvarez

Latin American Director

Vedic Pandit Programme for World Coherence

and Harmony

Watch Speech

John Fagan, PhD

Molecular Biologist

The Molecular Biology of Higher States of Consciousness—Transcendental Meditation (TM) Modulates Gene Expression to Achieve System-wide Balance and Integration 

Watch Speech

Dr Eike Hartmann

Director, Institute of Vedic Architecture

Benefits of Vedic Architecture and Vastu City Planning in Harmony with Natural Law

Watch Speech

Interview on National News Channel in Kathmandu, Nepal:: Watch Interview

Dr John Konhaus

Vedic Science Scholar

Vedic Organic Nepal—Creating Sustainable Economic Development through Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture and Environmental Management

Watch Speech

Prof Subhash Ranade 

Chairman, International Academy of Ayurveda, Pune

Present Status of Ayurveda in India

Watch Speech

Dr Girish Momaya

Director, Maharishi European Research University

Veda, Yoga, Vedanta – Human Life in Perfection and Complete Alliance with Natural Law

Watch Speech 

Dr Christopher and Dr Ann Crowell

Directors for Religion and Culture, Global Country of World Peace

Achieving the Vedic Ideal of "Vasudhaiva

kutumbakam - "The World Is My Family"

Watch Speech

Lothar Pirc

Owner and CEO, Maharishi Ayurveda Clinic Germany

Managing an authentic Ayurveda clinic with Panchakarma for 25,000 patients

Watch Speech

Drs Kingsley & Leslie Brooks

International Directors for Nepal Maharishi Foundations

Conference Hosts

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The Conference Inauguration on March 1 will be held at Nepal Academy and is open to the public. Following Day Meetings to be held at Rastriya Sabha Griha for Conference Registrants.

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